The dedicated staff at cei

Catriona Matheson
Animal Care
Kennel Assistant
Facility Planing

Catriona grew up with wildlife, and has assisted with wildlife care since the 1970's.  Cat's has a B.A. in History and the Classics, and her day job is Recruiting for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Catriona assists with wildlife care and Happytails Pet Retreat  during evenings, weekends and days off.  Her contributions also extend into strategic planning,  facility development, and fund raising and facility promotion.

Christian Weagle
Facilities Management and Maintenance
Kennel Manager
Safety Officer

Christian was born in the Yukon and spent his early life helping with his parent's Siberian sled dog kennel.

At CEI he uses his Journeyman carpentry skills to help maintain, rebuild and repair the facilities. His knowledge of pet care is used to manage the Happytails Pet Retreat, CEI's social initiative, which pays for the Institute's day to day activities.

His experience in industrial carpentry and customer service ensures that the kennel clients are well served and that the facilities are well maintained.

Christian also acts as safety officer for CEI.

Darby McPhee
Animal Care
Student Management
Kennel Assistant
Social Media

My name is Darby McPhee. I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2019 with a specialization in animal biology.

I am from central Alberta, born and raised! I was looking for a job in my field (animal biology)! After applying to several other animal facilities, I sent my resume and cover letter to CEI (even though they hadn’t posted an ad for a job) asking if they needed someone. After pestering them for months… here I am! I love the fact that I get to do the job I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. Helping injured, and orphaned wildlife.

The joke in my family was always that “Darby wants to wash ducks with Dawn” And while I haven’t encountered that particular situation, I’ve been able to be a part of helping other wildlife in need, which is fulfilling my life long dream!

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