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Catriona "Cat" Matheson

Catriona grew up with wildlife, and has assisted with wildlife care since the 1970's. Cat has a B.A. in History and the Classics, and her day job is Recruiting for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Catriona assists with wildlife care and Happy Tails Pet Retreat during evenings, weekends and days off. Her contributions also extend into strategic planning, facility development, fundraising and facility promotion.

Wildlife and Animal Care TECHNICIAN

Kat Phillips

Kat was born and raised in Alberta, spending most of her time in Calgary. Eventually she ventured out to BC to study at the University of Victoria. There she completed a dual bachelors in Psychology and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Social Justice Studies. Kat worked in veterinary medicine for 3+ years as a receptionist and technician assistant, handling dogs and cats of varying breeds and temperaments.

Kat is our main animal care technician, ensuring animals are well cared for, and monitoring animals that come in with injuries. She also manages our social media webpages, and works on research projects. She assists at the kennel when needed, and is in charge of the various interns and volunteers we have throughout the year.

Wildlife and Animal Care TECHNICIAN


Kari is the newest member of the CEI and Happy Tails Pet Retreat team. She is Calgary born and raised and is enthusiastic about anything animal-related! The past June, Kari graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology and will be applying to veterinary medicine programs this coming Fall. Kari has built up her experience with animals through numerous volunteer activities, including those in small animal emergency, shelter, and general practice settings. She has spent 400+ hours volunteering and has fostered more than 35 animals. 

Kari will be helping out at both the boarding kennels and caring for the wildlife that come in. She is most looking forward to supporting the rehabilitation of the various wildlife that come through CEI! 

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