Want to bring our research to the classroom? Look no further! The CEI offers comprehensive and accessible school education programs for varying curriculums, with the goal of spreading awareness and an interest in wildlife. Presented by one of our educators, our programs include hands-on biofacts, activities, Q&A sessions and more! To book a program, please email: greenthingsrbest@gmail.com.

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ducation programs are by donation, with a suggested amount of $150.00. You can either go online through Canada Helps,  email transfer to cei@nucleus.com or donate through Paypal.

Going Batty

Be part of Bat Conservation with the Cochrane Ecological Institute (CEI), as we research, educate and take action to help bats. Let us dispel the myths about bats, explore their role in the ecosystem, and learn what we can do to help them. Then, go on a field trip to a local waterway to learn how and where they live. Let CEI take you into the fascinating world of bats and explore ways to reduce their losses that will aid in their recovery.
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Foxes, Birds & Bears.. Oh My!

Let Cochrane Ecological Institute take you on a journey with the other 3 Rs - rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife. This action-packed program looks at CEIs successful Swift Fox program through costume, song and dance.  Then, we take a tour of CEIs facilities through a mapping project and finish off with a matching activity, pictures and biofacts. 
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Be a ‘biodiversity booster’ by inviting nature into your life. Through nature-based solutions, see how our lives, our yards and our town will benefit. Learn how to sequester carbon, manage your watershed, support pollinators, help the food web - all while creating an urban and rural landscape that is naturally beautiful and diverse. Connect with nature in this engaging program geared towards taking action to create your own oasis.


Who are the ungulates, and what is their role in the ecosystem?  Cochrane Ecological Institute has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing ungulates and wants to share their learnings with you about this amazing and diverse group of wildlife. Explore Alberta's ungulates from our caribou to deer and moose to bison, how they have changed over time and how we can heal
protect their future.