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Please carefully read the internships & research description before applying to ensure you have provided all the information required.
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Cochrane Ecological Institute welcomes interns and students from all over the world. We have had participants in our programs from over 20 countries and 30 universities and schools. Our interns gain the opportunity to work in a wildlife rehabilitation facility on a daily basis, taking part in a wealth of learning experiences that will introduce them to the world of wildlife conservation.
Whether you're studying to complete your undergraduate degree or searching for a place to conduct Ph.D. level research, you'll have a place to expand your education with us. Our wildlife center staff offer guidance and support for numerous research programs covering ecology, biology, environmental science, natural resource management and geography, amongst other genres of study. All of our participants are provided housing on-site at a small fee to cover utilities.
Our selection process is rigorous and you must contact us by email to begin the process. Please fill out and submit the following form with:
  1. Your name and age
  2. Education level, area of study, and research interests
  3. Your length of stay (depending on the scope of your research project) and expectations for your stay at CEI
Once you have filled out this form, we will get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed outline of our expectations for interns and students. Please note that none of our internships are paid positions.



Over the past summer there has been a dramatic change in the VISA requirements for Volunteers, Students and Interns entering Canada.
The first change is that now all people entering Canada who do not have a Canadian or US passport MUST have an Electronic Travel Authority (eTA). These can be obtained online and cost $7.00 CND.
The second change is that students, interns AND volunteers now need a work permit. Although CEI does not consider this work as there is no salary provided for these positions, the government of Canada does consider these to be legally regarded as work. This new requirement will cost all students, interns, and volunteers $230 CAD for the work permit and $150 CAD for the application. The work permits are obtained by CRI. Details can be found on the following website http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/index.asp.
CEI was made aware of these changes last summer when two of our guests, a student and a volunteer, were refused entry to Canada and forced to returned to their home country. To avoid this occurring in the future, all work permits must be obtained before entry to Canada.
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