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CEI was visited by Mazda for Mazda stories this summer.

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CEI receives a grant from the Cochrane Foundation!

Cochrane Ecological Institute (CEI) is incredibly thankful for the generous support of the Cochrane Foundation. The foundation has enabled CEI to enhance its education programs and take them to the next level! We look forward to welcoming the Town of Cochrane to our new and exciting programming; which will include a more authentic experience with wildlife sounds, the planting of a songbird’s garden, and the eventual creation of an educational documentary and book about our soon to be songbird garden. As we gear up for the spring at CEI, we want to let the Town of Cochrane know that we are here to help orphaned and injured wildlife in need! Giving them a safe, and secure place to grow, heal, and eventually be released back into their natural habitat!

We Are Participating in the Alberta Community Bat Program!

We will be collecting, recording, and surveying local bats in our area to provide (ACBP) information for their research!

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