Educations presentations with CEI

These presentations are adapted for the audience and can be from 20 minutes to an hour long .

Presentations can be given at the CEI Interpretive centre or we will travel to the school, corporation, or community group’s chosen venue. Please contact us by e-mail for cost, times and bookings.

  • Swift fox, Vulpes velox, reintroduction, Canada and USA: History of swift fox extirpation and reintroduction in North America.
  • Voices of extinction, the impact of conquest on North America’s biodiversity.
  • Reintroductions, working with the First Nations: Different paradigms and different realities.
  • Captive breeding as a tool for reintroduction: Importance of behavioural research, animal husbandry techniques and management implications for post release survival.
  • Nocturnal Birds of Prey: (probably will have a live owl for this one).
  • Are their owls in my garden? (K-6).
  • Diurnal Birds of Prey: (red tail hawk for demonstration) K-12.
  • Radio Telemetry, tracking, observation, data collection & management (GIS/GPS) Skills for the Field.
  • Politics of ecosystem restoration: Jurisdictions, management, permitting; how legal mechanisms can be employed to enhance, prevent, or inhibit ecosystem restoration.
  • Amphibians…are they vanishing? (K-12).
  • Reptiles…love us, don’t hate us (K-12).
  • Richardson’s ground squirrel…Canada’s prairie tent peg can we afford to loose it? (K-12).
  • Release and rehabilitation of bears: For the welfare of Conservation or for the Conservation of welfare?
  • WHALEFORCE: Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises).
  • Ins and Outs of Wildlife Rehabilitation: what is needed? Does it work? Who benefits most, rehabilitators or animals?
  • De Cho the gentle Giant ..a story of the Mackenzie River (K-12).
  • Animals of the soul, myth in the landscape and its association with wildlife and our ecosystem.
  • Giving.
  • Badgers, the backhoe of the prairie ecosystem (K-12).
  • A world wide unity of art…prehistory marked on rock.
Please Contact us to arrange a time and location for your presentation.
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