The program is designed to inspire and empower youth to make connections with wildlife and learn ways to reduce their losses that will aid in their recovery. We encourage meaningful learning experiences with the real world that will provide youth with the tools needed to improve our ecosystem health and resilience.

Explore creatures of the night through bones, skins, spider webs, pellets and tracks. Discover the world of bats, owls, insects, and nocturnal mammals. This program action packed program takes youth into the night to compare bats and humans, examine owl pellets, make a spiders web and learn about unlikely partnerships.  We will share a sense of wonder and curiosity for nighttime creatures, their body systems, special adaptations, how they interact in their dark world.

This program features:

1. A short PowerPoint presentation with AV, introducing students into the world of bats, owls, nocturnal mammals, & insects.

2. Learning Stations with activities, including:

• Bats (bat bones, descriptions, matching conservation concerns & solutions)

• Owls (Great Horned, special adaptions & owl pellet dissection)

• Insects (Look at spiders-build a web and insects- do a parts match)

• Badgers, coyotes, porcupines, muskrats & skunks (biofacts, match the animal with its tracks)

3. Hike (Optional)

Grassland hills: talk about Prairie dwelling bats, coyotes, and badgers.

• Forest: discuss Forest dwelling bats, porcupines, spiders, and skunks.

• Pond or river: focus on Water related bats, and muskrats.

Program Parameters:

  • Computer, screen, projector and WIFI access for a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Parent or school volunteers (2-3) ready if needed to assist students

  • Table groups of 4-6 people, with pen, paper, and possibly journals

  • 60 minute presentation 

Alberta Curriculum Connections

Grade 2: Growth & development of plants and animals

Grade 3: Interactions between plants, animals, humans & the environment

Grade 4: Interconnections between systems, including conservation

Grade 5: Functions of internal systems of organisms

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Program Testimonials 

Reviews of our CREATURES OF THE NIGHT program!

"It was educational and fun, overall everyone had a great time."

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