Cochrane Ecological Institute's

Your generous donations keep us running! If you don't have money to donate but you want to support us, here is a list of things we need to help rehabilitate animals and continue research at CEI. If you have items to donate please bring them to our facility anytime between 9:00am to 4:00pm DAILY (please call before)!

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Animal Care

Alfalfa Cubes

Alfalfa Cubes are a huge staple in our ungulates diets and right now we feed these hydrated cubes daily to our Moose Calf and Yearling Deer! 

Buying us a bag goes a long way!

C$17.99 for 22kg
From North Forty

Beet Pulp

Along with Alfalfa, we supplement our ungulates' diets with hydrated beet pulp and currently use this to feed our Moose Calf and Yearling Deer.

C$20.99 for 20kg 
From North Forty

Sweet Feed

Loved by our ungulate patients, Sweet Feed is a great supplement for their diet and helps them to put on good weight stores before release in the spring. 

C$27.99 for 20kg 
From UFA


Apples and essentially all fruit are always in high demand as they expire quickly and get ate even faster by our patients. At the moment the most urgent fruit we need are:

- Apples (any kind)
- Salmon Ash Berries (preferably in bushels)

From any local grocer

NUTRICAL Supplement 

Due to its expense it is hard to buy in bulk for us but CRUCIAL to our young patients! We add this in young mammals and bird's milk to give them an extra caloric and nutritional boost when they're at their most vulnerable. 

Buying us even one tube goes a long way!

C$31.08 for 4.5oz Tube
From Amazon


We are ALWAYS happy to accept meat of any kind. Feeding our carnivorous patients is costly and donations are always a huge help. We prefer no ground meat if possible but freezer burnt meat and fish is great!

From any local grocer or home

Wooden or Plastic Tongs

Tongs are one of the best tools we can use when force feeding a sick patient, feeding a Bird of Prey or other somewhat dangerous intake. These allow our caretakers to feed and examine patients safely and can be easily sterilized. 

From Amazon


HAY is a big expenditure for us at the CEI but a BIG help! We use Hay not only for substrate for enclosures but we use it to feed our ungulate patients! Whether its a bale or a block we will always use it!

Price Dependent on Size 
From any local source


Bleach / Disinfectant Spray

With the number of patients we get in, we are constantly disinfecting to make sure our enclosures are safe for all of our patients. Bleach and Bleach disinfectants run out so quickly and we'd always love more!

C$3.71 for 3.6L
From Walmart


Similar to bleach, with the patients we have we go through a TON of laundry! Vinegar helps to thoroughly clean and deodorize our towels so we can keep using them. 

C$2.27 for 4L
From Walmart

Mop and Bucket, Brooms

Cleaning is a big part of wildlife rehab and we're usually not cleaning the most sanitary spaces! Having workable clean brooms, mops and buckets is essential to what we do. 

C$107.99 for Mop and Bucket
C13.00 for Broom

From Walmart
From Walmart

Tremclad Oil Based Blue Paint in Royal Blue

We use this paint to maintain our enclosures and keep them looking sparkling new!

From Home Depot

Dawn Dish Soap

The magic soap! Dawn is what we use to help clean enclosures, patients and all dishes used in the health center for our intakes. Whether its a small bottle or large refill it is so HELPFUL!

From Walmart

AA Batteries 

Want to support the research we do? Currently we are studying bat behavior and we use AA batteries for our bat recorders and sound meters! Batteries go a long way and allow us to continue to do important species research in our area. 

C$22.47 for 8 Pack
From Walmart


We go through loads of dishes in a day - especially when we have younger and severely ill patients. A high power dishwater with sanitize settings helps us to disinfect dishes and keep our patients safe. 

Price varies on new one or previously used! For further details and specifications please contact us directly. 

32GB+ SD Cards 

Want to support the research we do? Currently we are studying bat behavior and we use 32GB-128GB SD cards for our bat recorders and sound meters! Some recordings are three weeks long and SD cards go a long way and allow us to continue to do important species research in our area. 

C$22.98 for 128gb SD Card
From Walmart

Other things!

  • Mechanic work on CEI vehicles

  • Electrician work around the property

  • A chest freezer (contact us for specs!)

  • An old vehicle for wildlife transport and release