Our Wishlist

Your generous donations keep us running! If you don't have money to donate but you want to support us, here is a list of things we need to  help rehabilitate animals and continue research at CEI. If you have items to donate please bring them to our facility anytime we are open.

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For Animal Care

-Good Hay


-Alfalfa Cubes

-Bird Seed

-Fruit (Berries and Apples) and Vegetables (Corn and Root vegetables) 

-Meal Worms (dried and alive)

-Dishwasher (for cleaning and sterilizing feeding equipment)

-Radiograph/X-ray machine

For research and education


-RESEARCH trail cameras



-SM4BAT FS Wildlife Acoustics Recorder

-SMM-U2 microphone for Wildlife Acoustics Recorder

-Batteries for Trail Cameras

-Small portable house/mobile home for intern and volunteer housing

Other materials needed


- bleach

-Good Mops and brooms

-Dark/Royal blue glass outdoor paint